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This is What I am Going for this Spring.  I am doing the homestead from the beginning.  The very, VERY beginning.  Come by and play in the dirt with me.  I would love to have your company.

Join us for some fishing in the pond or just walk around our beautiful homestead. We always have a CRAZY good time around here… LET’S HAVE SOME FUN

Compost – The New Love of Your Life

Compost – The New Love of your Life If you are new to gardening and homesteading you may just be learning about how to do things free of chemicals. If that is the case you are probably hearing a lot about compost. I love the beautiful black stuff that plant dreams are...

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Different ways to Garden

Different ways to Garden... There are many different methods of gardening, but all of them are basically the same. If you have good dirt you put stuff in it in a hole and it grows. Now, if you live in the southeast like I do you most likely have clay for your dirt and...

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I forgot to tell you….

I forgot to tell you, I am canning my elderberry syrup.  Here is the recipe. If you have a gallon of berries, which is not hard even from one plant, then you place them in a stainless steel pot and add enough water just to cover.  Bring to a boil and then reduce to a...

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