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Kelly's generously shares her knowledge and joy of homesteading. Her gardening tips inspires us to want our own garden this year!

Carrie and Nina

Kelly has great knowledge of gardening and homesteading. I have learned so much from her. I have to admit, I have a black thumb but I have been following Kelly's advice and it slowly but surely turning green. I appreciate all her help, tips and tricks.

Traci Weinhart, The Frugal Work at Home Mom


Clean Food is Important

Eating fresh food grown with no chemicals is the best for your health, mind, and body.  Join us to learn more about growing your own and keeping it clean.  We do not use chemicals on our food here at Homesteadin Crazy!!!

  • No chemical pesticides

  • No chemical fertilizers

  • No chemical herbicides

  • Only fresh clean foods!!!


Our gardens are being rebuilt over the winter as we have had issues with deer and rabbits this year.  Join us and find out what we do with them.  I will be here weekly to share our experiences and show you the changes we have made as we go.

Let’s grow together.  We all want our families and friends to be healthy, happy and enjoy life.  Let’s be there to enjoy it with them and have some


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