White night gardens are a beautiful sight in the night.

Here are eighty plants that can give you an incredible white night garden for your enjoyment.


MOONFLOWERS for a night garden


 These gorgeous, 3 inch blooms are fabulous at night. The smell is incredible.  They open in the evening just for our pleasure. This is definitely my favorite of the night bloomers.  They almost always have several per bush or vine depending on which variety you can find.

NICOTIANA in the night garden

Or night-scented tobacco is another one of those scents dreams are made of. The somewhat small, dangling flowers come in bunches. They are trumpet flowers and play for me in the night.


FEATHER WHITE TULIPS amazing in a night garden

These look like birds in flight. They have feathered edges on them and in the dusk look like a small winged creature flying through your night garden. Incredible they are. Every few years these bulbs need dug up and divided.


WHITE FEATHER HOSTA beautiful for a night garden

Another feathery beauty is the white feather hosta. It is a gorgeous white edged hosta that adds a little bulk to your night garden. You can use it to outline or fill in the middle and put the smaller plants around the edge, but however you use it know that it is going to add even more beauty to the night garden. This plant does occasionally need to be dug up and divided as well.


GARLIC CHIVES  One of the best for night gardens

Garlic chives are not one most would think about in a flower garden. They will look gorgeous there with their tiny white flower heads, but they will also help keep bugs at bay. Most critters don’t care for the scent, but with the lovely sweet scents of the other flowers the garlic is barely there for you and they make a great edging plant.


WHITE YARROW Medicinal and great in night gardens

White yarrow on the sides behind the garlic chives would be so pretty. Yarrow has medicinal uses as well. Both beautiful and useful this one just belongs in the night garden and in any garden especially if you have a medicinal area. It does come in a variety of colors, but white is much better for the garden of the night.


DAHLIAS My grandmother’s favorite night garden flower

Dahlias are great in any garden and the white ones glow in the night brighter than most. These were my grandmother’s favorite flowers and she would prune them to make “dinner plate” size flowers. If you don’t want to prune them that is okay to.  You will have several smaller flowers per bush and they are just as amazing.


DAISIES Everyone loves these especially in a night garden

Daisies are a flower everyone loves. In the night garden they are inspiring and white, but even in the daytime when some of the other flowers don’t look as amazing, these will still bring your eye to the white garden. They move with the breeze and catch your site even when you aren’t expecting it.


WHITE ROSES Supreme flowers for night gardens

White roses. Of course you have to add roses to any flower garden. These belong toward the back as they get much larger than most of the other plants. They would make a good background for the others and show off their lovely blooms in the night as well.  I love roses.  They are my favorite overall flower and were my father’s favorites as well. They do need pruning occasionally.


WORMWOOD Billowy plant that glows behind night garden flowers

Wormwood is a great background plant for all of these. It gets about 4-5 feet tall so it will even background the roses. This plant is sort of silvery and when it sways in the breeze it is hauntingly beautiful.  I always plan on wormwood in my night gardens.  It just gives it that “night” feel for me.  It is also a medicinal herb and should be in your medicinal garden if you have one.


HIBISCUS and PEONIES More beauties to add to night gardens

You could also add some hibiscus flowers or peonies. They are both pretty large bushes and if you wanted to use them instead of the roses or hostas you certainly could.


 A precious white peony for your night gardens

Just find the whitest flowers or the silver gray ones you like best and arrange them into a garden you enjoy.  Plant them in a circle around some chairs and a table and enjoy the evening splendor.  Whatever you like best is what you should put in there.  Night gardens are a fantastic way to start your garden experience. 

If you want a gorgeous garden to sit with in the dusk or darkness this would be the one.  A lot of plants don’t show up so well when the sun goes down but all of these beauties do and you will end up wanting to sit with them often.  Don’t block the beauty of the night garden.  When the moon is full it is even more beautiful.

If you want more garden information come see me on my Facebook page where I do lives every week on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 central.  You can find me here.

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Hope you enjoyed this post and build yourself a wonderful night garden.


Love you Bye,

Kelly Jeanne


I will also be making a black garden so stick around to see how that turns out.  J