Everyone always wonders what homesteading skills you need while they dream of homesteading.

Here are just a few homesteading skills you can learn no matter where you live. If this helps you please let me know below. Thanks.

HOMESTEADING SKILL #1:  You can learn to grow things even in an apartment. Did you know you can grow things other than houseplants in your house? Yes you can. I always have herbs growing in my kitchen for easy reach. There are some herbs that won’t overwinter here so I bring them in, like my rosemary. Here it is an annual and I am in zone 7. If you are in a colder zone you will definitely have to bring her in for winter or replant every year. I have a video HERE on how to start plants from seed. This should help get you started. Yes I did this in my bedroom on my bed. Just goes to prove I am CRAZY.
HOMESTEADING SKILL #2:  Canning is also a great homesteading skill to have when you get to your homestead. Even if you aren’t growing anything for yourself yet you can still learn to can or preserve things, even your meat. I am learning more about this everyday and finally got my pressure canner. I did 9 jars of sausage for my first try at pressure canning and they are yummy. Makes great gravy! I have also water bath canned applesauce, apple butter and apple pie filling along with wild violet jelly and salsa. I am having a blast and plan to do a few videos on this but I want to make sure I am doing it correctly and well before I try to show anyone else. If you want to learn more about canning check out Jaime at GUILDBROOK FARM here.
HOMESTEADING SKILL #3:  Building things is an ultimate homesteading skill. Learning to do this will help you immensely when you get to your homestead. Most people just starting out want to build their own house. This is a LOT of work if you don’t know how or if you just know basics, but you will soon learn it if you go that route. We did not. Our house was already here. However, my husband was a carpenter for many years before we started our homestead. Lucky for me he can build just about anything. Now to just get him to build my greenhouse this winter….
HOMESTEADING SKILL #4:  Study up on what you want to do on your homestead. Reading books to get the idea of what you want on your homestead is a GREAT thing to do before you get there.  This can teach you many homesteading skills before you get to your homestead. I have a post on some great books to read before you go on your journey HERE. I love to read. It is another passion of mine. If you do to try some of these books. They will help a LOT.
HOMESTEADING SKILL #5: A great thing to know before you get to your homestead is what kind of animals you want and how to manage them.  This is an awesome homesteading skill.  Learning about animal husbandry and different feeding methods is something you really should know before you get to the animal purchasing part.  I know this because I tend to put the cart before the horse, or the chickens before the housing in my case. Make sure you are ready for your animals BEFORE you buy them.  Check out TheLivestockConservancy.org to learn more about endangered farm animals and how you can help save them. I love this site and have learned a lot about this from them. I didn’t even know farm animals could be endangered before I found them.

Well, I hope this helps get you started. If you’d like to know more leave me a note below and ask any questions you have. I would love to help you along with your journey. Maybe I have already been there and can show you the way.

Blessings and Be safe

Kelly Jeanne