I was going to have a fall garden, but I realized that my dirt is just  not up to par.  My dirt is like a rock, hard, dry and cracking.  I am going to need to fix it before I can actually grow much of anything in it.  I have grown in Michigan and Indiana and both of those states have AWESOME dirt compared to here.  I am going to spend the winter setting up my garden and doing some lasagna layers in the beds and make paths so I do not have to walk in my beds.  I love the book by Pat Lanza – Lasagna Gardening.  It is amazing what you can do with mulch.  It was my first book about natural gardening.  My aunt gave it to me because I could not put it down when I was at her house.  I love that book.  It has been dog-eared, written in, and is all kind of a mess, but I would not trade it for anything.  I will be doing this in my garden this fall and winter so in the spring I can break out the seedlings and get planting, starting today.

Remember to love with all your heart.

Love you bye,

Kelly Jeanne