This is me…
I am Kelly Jeanne. I am a master gardener and I love to grow things, all things, from kids to plants to animals. I love nature and cooking and helping others. I am on 79 acres and starting a homestead here in north Alabama. I have raised cattle and chickens before in the traditional manner, but am going more sustainable this time.

I am passionate about the earth, caring for others, and loving one another. I do not like politics or discussing religion, it always causes trouble to talk about these things. I am generally calm and a bit quiet, but sometimes I get a little crazy.

I know there are a lot of beginning homesteaders out there who need a helping hand and I am here to serve those folks as best I can. If you need to ask anything about gardening, chickens, cattle or any other homesteading thing you want to ask I will be glad to help if I can, or I will research it until I can help.
There are five people online that influence me the most. They are;

Marjory Wildcraft at She is an amazing woman, prepper and homesteader. I watch everything I can of hers to learn from her. I bought her DVD set without a DVD player just to support her in her efforts to reach more people.
Second is Justin Rhodes from He is the chicken man to me. He has taught me quite a bit about how to do things in the least expensive manner possible, especially chickens. His family is awesome and all of them participate. His wife Rebecca and all four of their children have a hand in on the homestead.

Next in line is Lisa Steele. This lady has class. She treats her animals like they are human. She even has curtains in her chicken coup. Everything she does with her homestead is awesome and pretty. Not something you find on a homestead very often. She amazes me.

These two are teaching me a lot about being real online. Art and Bri have a YouTube channel and are always giving information away about homesteading and making money on YouTube. They are fun and happy people and their life seems great. I watch them as much as I can.

Last, but not least would be Jenny Martin from She is teaching me to budget and coupon to save money for my homestead. She is fun and does videos every week, sometimes several times a week. She says about shopping the drug stores “The whole store is free”. I am amazed by her thriftiness and her unimaginable savings ability just with a few coupons and the drug stores. I always thought CVS and Walgreens were the most expensive places to shop, but not if you follow Jenny Martin.

There are more, but one more I must mention even though she did not make the list is Suzi Whitford who is teaching me to blog. I have taken three courses for this; one was 2000 dollars, one was 600 dollars, and then hers was 247 dollars. I learned more from her than the other two combined. She is fun, very personable, let’s you into her life and laughs and smiles and cuts up like a real person. She is unpolished compared to the others and I LOVE IT. She has many courses and a special right now on getting all of her courses for 300 dollars off. Check her out at

My favorite things are nature and music. I love to rock. I grew up in the 70s with THE best rock ever and when I was young I, of course, wanted to be a rock star. I am a city girl with a country heart. I grew up in Taylor Michigan about 5 minutes from Metro Airport and 20 minutes or so from downtown Detroit. I spent my summers in West Virginia and Alabama, where I am now, when I was young. I love the woods and the sun and large fields to play in.
I hope you will come hang out with me on my blog and see what I am up to on the homestead. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Have a great life.

Love Everyone and Everything. We are all here for a purpose.
Kelly Jeanne <3

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