Hi, I am Kelly Jeanne.  I just wanted to say hello so you would not think I was not here.  I am not a website builder, lol.  I am a beginning homesteader.  I have been growing things most of my life and love it.  I am also a master gardener.  I love to learn new things and with gardening and farming there are always new things to learn.  I am going to put my plans, thoughts, and ideas here on this site so if you would like to check it out or see what I am up to I would love to  have you join me.

I have had a rough life since age 15 and am finally making my own way.  I have never made enough to support myself and suddenly I am the soul support of my family consisting of 4 people, my husband who has a back injury and can no longer do his chosen work, my two grandsons whom I have custody of, and myself, along with 4 dogs.  I love my family, but I cannot support them with my present job.  I am an oncology medical language specialist.  I have to say with what I know about oncology I would rather grow my own food and try to take care of my own issues.

I am a Pisces so you will probably find two very distinct personalities in me.  I have one side that is very intelligent and another side that is just crazy.  I like my crazy side much better, she is much more fun, lol.  I love to be outside and to play in the DIRT.

Short story:  When I was young and would go #2 in my pants my mother would tell me “you soiled your britches” so when someone in the master gardener class started saying “plant in the soil” I got kinda grossed out.  My mother also used to tell me “kick that dirt off your shoes before you come into my house”.  Well, I plant things in the stuff that was on my shoes not in my pants, so I call it dirt.  I hope that does not offend you.  I love to play in the dirt and grow things and would be happy to have some company along the way.  Stop by and say hello and let me know what you like to do outside.  Maybe we can have some fun together.  I do things my own way and admittedly sometimes my language is not as clean as it should be so if that would offend you then you may not want to stick around.  I don’t say the real bad stuff, just some of the smaller words so hopefully we can still be friends.

So, if you get an urge to stop by and say hi I would love to hear from you or hang out for a while.  Come on over and we can see what there is to get into.

Have a great day and always love with all your heart.


Love you bye,

Kelly Jeanne