I love gathering things to put in my compost.  It is amazing all the things you can throw together and get this fabulous, nutritious, beautiful black dirt that will feed your plants and keep bugs away and give the ground a SUPER BOOST of nutrition so all of you garden will grow like MAD.  I try to find everything I can to put into it so that it has the most power it can possibly get.

For instance, cow manure or horse manure and chicken manure are amazing for your garden, but if used straight on your plants can burn them like fire.  If you compost them, however, they will feed them like a dinner meant for the stars.

I try to use some manure and lots of other things for my compost.  I figure my plants probably have a variety of tastes and sometimes make several different compost piles for different kinds of plants.  Like my blueberries like acid stuff so I always make sure there is some pine in the pile I will use for them.  My strawberries also like this and so do my blackberries and Irish potatoes.

My tomatoes and peppers  prefer it a bit milder and so I use grass clippings, hay, and some leaves for them.  I skip the pine because they do not like it as sour as the plants above do.

I will explain in more detail as I begin building my piles for my new garden that I will be setting up over the winter to get started planting in this spring.  Lots to do here in our new home.  The other folks left us a BIG mess and there is a lot of work to do.  I will keep you up to date on what is happening here as often as I can.  The plan is for once a week, but it may be more if I get an urge, or less if I have worked too much.  I always work too much, lol, but I do like to talk too, so it is a toss up.

Let me know what you can find to put into your compost and I will let you know what is in mine……:)

Remember to always love with all your heart.

Love you bye,

Kelly Jeanne